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Search Engine Marketing: You Need a Better Parking Lot

You now have a website that is user-friendly, beautiful and artfully and masterfully constructed. Traffic should increase instantly, right? Well, not exactly. Since SEO works organically, it can shift and move from day to day, which means that you are leaving potential clientele on the table. Imagine your brick and mortar business with beautiful front doors, but no parking lot. People keep driving by because they don’t know where to stop and park! Search engine optimization gets them close, but they need to see YOU specifically. For a full parking lot, let’s take a look at paid advertising through search engine marketing and how it can work for you.

Search Engine Marketing utilizes paid advertising to give you a big, beautiful, well-lit parking lot. Essentially, you can “hire” search engines to do online marketing for you. It can involve many forms, and these forms change frequently as the big boys – Google, Yahoo and Bing – change algorithms to ensure search results are accurate for the end user. In order to achieve the greatest visibility to your target audience, your search engine marketing strategy will need to adjust, and that’s where we come in.

So, what distinguishes search engine marketing from taking an ad out in the local paper? First, it’s non-intrusive. Your potential customer is receiving highly targeted results from his search query. He is actively seeking your products, services and information. I think he might even feel a little proud that he is such a master of the search bar!

Secondly, it’s completely voluntary. It’s the result of user-originated behavior – your potential customer has voluntarily clicked on your listing rather than any other competitor. In essence, they chose to park in your parking lot because your ad popped up at the top.

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