Small business internet marketing money on the table

Our Small Business Internet Marketing Consultation Workflow

Small Business Internet Marketing: Don’t Leave Money On the Table!

Have we got you thinking about what you might be leaving on the table? I hope so! Our passion is to give businesses like yours the opportunity to shine in front of people who genuinely need you. But first, you need to speak the language. Small Business Internet Marketing language, at that. Have you ever tried to study and learn a language in a crowded room full of noisy people? You keep rereading the same paragraph over and over, trying to understand the concept. That might be the exact picture of what it might feel like to learn small business internet marketing while actually trying to run your business!

Well, we would like to challenge you and give you some hope… what would you be able to do with your business if you were attracting the right kind of attention consistently? What if you had an expert in your back pocket who knew how to navigate trends and manage the great wide web for you? Would you feel your time was better spent learning social media management, search engine marketing, how online ads work, etc., or actually fostering a culture that customers FEEL when they walk in the door? I don’t think that one is too hard to answer. We can help with all your small business internet marketing needs!

You might be wondering how we work, so let’s take a minute and go through an overview. When we approach small business internet marketing, we begin with a free consultation/audit. Bring your questions, your opinions, your hopes and your fears. As the expert, we are here to help you work through each one. Next, we want to give you facts. We will work up an extensive Internet Marketing Analysis (IMA) for your business, digging in to find what looks great, and what might really need our help. We’ll even show you how you compare to three of your competitors to see how you measure up! Last, we have an in depth review of our findings with your team, discuss budget and then customize a plan that meets all your needs. By the way, did I mention that we offer no-contract options? Perfect for a growing business, don’t you think?

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