Does Your Website Suck?

Let’s Be Real: Does Your Website Suck?

Ever make a checklist and experience the intense satisfaction of crossing a “done” item off the list? Most people have and it is indeed a wonderful feeling. In fact, it is so satisfying that most people never go back to revisit that specific, important item. For example, you might have checked off “work out” or “drink water,” but if you never revisit that particular task, you won’t make much progress in your overall goal of becoming a healthier person.

The same can be said when thinking about your website. You may have checked off the task of creating a website at your business’s grand opening, but haven’t bothered to view your site through a new customer’s perspective. The result could be an ugly, lazy website that nobody wants to talk to or play with. Yikes.

Now, an “ugly” website might simply mean outdated or easy to look past, but with an average attention span of three seconds, no growing business can afford to be ugly in the online world. A potential customer won’t ever stick around to see what you really have to offer. Have a dinosaur of a website? If it’s hard to manage, navigate and just plain doesn’t work, you’ve lost business before you’ve even had a chance to explain. The same can be said for outdated content. Nothing will help you lose credibility faster than outdated information on the information superhighway. It’s like asking a professional a question and getting answers in baby talk. Yep. Not good.

What about your website’s ability to travel? How does it look when you pull it up on your smartphone or other mobile device? Is it responsive and smart? Or slow and confused? Are you avoiding the Google spotlight on purpose or just not quite sure how to get your brand out there? Does the term “social media” give you hives? What’s the internet even saying about you??

Getting a little stressed? It’s ok. Really. Pour your passion and attention into your business! It can be very time consuming and difficult to stay ahead of this stuff!

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