Small business internet marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Dirty Or Clean?

Small Business Internet Marketing: Slow and steady

You know your small business inside and out, but you may not know the best ways to get your brand name out there among all the competitors. When you go looking for a company to help you out with small business internet marketing there is a lot to consider. You will find those companies that claim they can boost your small business internet marketing campaign by doing “A, B, and C,” but then they don’t have analytics or examples to back up those claims. Then, there may be those that do things “dirty” in an attempt to get you ranked higher on Google, faster. Beware of these types of marketers, because the Google team is smarter than that and eventually the plan will back-fire!

What we’re going to tell you is that we believe in getting you results the “clean” way. It may take a bit longer than you expect, but we won’t lie to you about how long it should take before you will see results from playing nicely. Small business internet marketing can mean doing as little or as much of our program as you want. Of course, the more you do the better the results will be for helping you to bring in more clients.

A few ways our small business internet marketing team can help are by providing you with some of the following important, optional services:

• Paid ads
• Backlinks
• Local search
• Blogging on your website (keeps you fresh)

Now, back to the time frame bit. If you are doing things the “clean” way (or allowing a small business internet marketing team do it for you) then you should expect to see the first sliver of results within a few short months. Will you be the number one agency listed on Google? Perhaps not, but with effort you can get closer to that spot. Within 3-6 months you can find yourself on the first page of Google if the proper measures are taken. Remember “slow and steady wins the race.”

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