3 small business internet marketing

3 Small Business Internet Marketing Tips To Drive Customers To Your Website

Small Business Internet Marketing: Help customers find you

As a small business owner it can often feel too difficult to rank higher than the competition and get your name out in the digital world. You don’t have to be a business with 30 store locations to beat the odds and stake your piece of property in the land of small business internet marketing. Many people searching for your small business will start looking online, first. Of course, you want your name to appear in the search results. You can follow these simple tips to help drive customers to your website and boost your small business internet marketing campaign.

1. Email Lists: Email can actually be useful to your small business internet marketing plan. You can build an email group by having a monthly newsletter for people to opt-in on. Once they sign up, you have the ability to drip feed content that informational and helpful. Review requests can also be sent to help people leave you positive reviews on Google, which makes your small business’ name look that much better.

2. Facebook Marketing: There are a few ways you can use Facebook to your advantage when planning out your small business internet marketing campaign. One way is the use of Facebook ads and you chose the specific demographic information for those you’d like to target the ads to. You could also track those who have visited your website to re-market to those same people on Facebook.

3. Website Blogging: With enough effort, small business internet marketing is easy with blogging. If you blog often enough with solid content it can help drive customers to the website. You can also share links on social media, like Facebook to bring more viewers. You can also talk about issues in your blogs that people often seek answers to, therefore; bringing value to customers.

These tips sound easy enough for small business internet marketing, right? These are some of the most basic things you could be doing to get your website noticed. If you want to know more or need some help getting started in the right direction, feel free to give us a call @ 405-757-4540. We’d be happy to have a consultation with you and find out about your marketing needs.