Small Business Website 2

Why Updating Your Small Business Website Is Important: Part 2

Small Business Website Updates Vital To Validity

Websites aren’t like the famous rotisserie machine with the tagline “set it and forget it”. If you haven’t touched your website in over a year, there may be things that are outdated. With each passing year, technology has brought in a set of guidelines to follow. Your website might not be relevant to what it popular right now. In part one of this series, we talked about 2 reasons why it is important to keep your small business’ website updated. Today, we’re going to touch on 1 more reason why you should update your small business website.

Updates make your business look put-together.

We saved the biggest reason for last, because it’s the most noteworthy! As a business serving clients, you certainly don’t want to look unprofessional. There are a lot of competitors out there so you really do need to look well put-together and organized. The first place people will look for you, is online. Do you want your website casting you in a bad light? We hope not. No one wants to even think about doing business with someone that hasn’t got it together. Sloppy websites bring to mind sloppy business and who knows where those mental images could go.

Aside from potential clients, think about your current clients. The only way to keep them coming back to your website, helping you to stay relevant on search engines, is to give them a reason to want to come back. The first step is bringing your website out of the 1990’s and to reflect that you’re present in 2016! The second step is to offer minor updates every so often, such as latest news, recent activities, or important information found in your blog.

PS: Don’t actually promise updates, unless you plan to provide them.

In case you missed the first part of this post, let it be known that we fully understand the need to update your small business website, because even we have had to have a transformation of our own. You can’t look legitimate if you don’t look like you know what’s going on in the present. Get up to date!