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How Your Small Business Can Get Better Reviews

Obtain Reviews That Are Useful In the past we’ve harped on how small business internet marketing takes several, ongoing, pieces to fit into the puzzle and reviews are just one of them. If you’re a small business owner and you’ve been putting in the effort to request reviews from your customers, that’s great, but how […]

Do You Use #Hashtags On Social Media?

Trending In Social Media When hashtags first started being used by Twitter users, there were a lot of people that didn’t understand this new way to communicate on social media. Over the last few years, hashtags have become popular for different reasons, especially now that Facebook and other social media sites allows them. You may […]

3 Ways To Earn The Trust Of Your Customers

Trust: Be More Than Just Another Business Many small businesses get too aggressive with their approach to attempt attracting more customers. Rather than being the annoyance that will soon get you “unfollowed” on social media and untrusted by your audience, there are better ways to get customers in your door and that’s by earning their […]

Beakn For Small Business Internet Marketing

Let Technology Help Your Small Business Internet Marketing Have you ever stopped to wonder how you can increase foot traffic to your small business? You already know that doing so is extremely important and being top of mind is necessary to fulfill that goal. We’ve talked about many small business internet marketing techniques which included […]

Marketing Support The Way You Need It

The Right Tools With The Right Support Sometimes people are too stubborn to ask for help. The truth is that everyone needs help at some point and it’s perfectly alright to ask. Purchasing a marketing package from a company shouldn’t mean that you get some services, get charged every month and never speak to them […]

Videos On The Home Page: Part 2

Videos: Attention grabbers As you may already know, we have talked about how blogging and vlogging is super helpful when it comes to small business internet marketing. In part one of this series, we also talked about how videos can be used on the homepage of your website to grab the attention of customers and […]

Videos On The Home Page: Part 1

Videos: Attention grabbers We’ve talked about how blogging and vlogging (posting videos in place of or within blogs) can help with small business internet marketing, but now we’re talking about using videos another way. Whether good or bad, your homepage definitely leaves an impression on your potential customers. When people search for <insert your product […]