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Mobile Small Business Marketing: Being Camera Ready

Small Business Marketing: The Mobile Way So, you’ve done your homework and are building online presence for your business; following the best information about small business marketing. You have a Facebook page and perhaps have even opened a Twitter account. Your website is fully operational with helpful information in a user-friendly format. Unfortunately, no one seems to be clicking […]

Social Networking: Agency vs. In-House

Still wondering whether social networking is for you? Or, perhaps, you are wondering whether the cost is “really worth it.”  Americans are continuing to take more active roles in their personal health decisions, and they are using the Internet to find healthcare providers.  The use of social networking has become one of the most vital […]

Internet Marketing Myth Buster

Internet Marketing: To Invest or not to Invest? Small business internet marketing works best when everyone in the organization or business is “all in” on the effort; However, within any type of business, regardless of the size, some people can have competing opinions about what marketing should looks like. The role of internet marketing is increasingly vital to keeping […]

5 Must Haves for Small Business Internet Marketing (PART 3)

Internet Marketing; is your website responsive? 1)Responsive Mobile Website In this day and age, with smart phones and tablets dominating the mobile access scene, you need to be sure that your website keeps up with the times.Using this to strengthen your internet marketing campaign is key to success online. If your website is not mobile […]

5 Must Haves for Small Business Internet Marketing (PART 2)

Part 2 is Web Design, Local Search Optimization, and Reputation Management for Small Business Internet Marketing. 2.Web Design The design of your website is a keystone in determining your future success on the internet marketing front. Just as your patients want to feel confident, comfortable and welcome inside your facility; We want them to feel the same way […]

5 Must Haves for Small Business Internet Marketing (PART 1)

Part 1 is Social Networking for Small Business Internet Marketing. 1. Social Network and Small Business Internet Marketing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram; the importance of social networking sites in small business internet marketing cannot be emphasized enough, but just having these profiles is not enough, it takes more to “Generate Traffic”, “Build Brand Recognition”, and […]

3 Things You May Not Know About Social Network Marketing

You think you know Social Network Marketing? Social Network Marketing is quickly becoming the most reliably avenue for reaching a business’s consumer base. But, like any industry that is constantly changing and evolving, no one person knows “everything” about social marketing. So, for those that insist they are the masters of social media marketing, here are 3 […]