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Small Business Internet Marketing: Blog For The Audience

A Major Blogging Tip For Small Business Internet Marketing

You know your small business internet marketing campaign can benefit from social media interactions, but blogging can also help get people to your website. Information you provide when pushing through your small business internet marketing campaign gives people a look at your personality. You also allow people to know what professional talents you have to offer them. Blogging goes deeper than social media in that it isn’t always about just plastering on a funny picture or sales pitch. If you’re a small business owner that wants to launch your small business internet marketing campaign by yourself, you can do it with a little practice. If you really want to get the most out of small business internet marketing via blogging follow this one major tip: Don’t just push the sale.

Small business internet marketing can be simple if you blog correctly. Your blog is an extension of your existing small business’ website, so you don’t need to always go so heavy on your selling points. It’s alright to post contact information within your blog, but don’t come right out and ask for a sale. Customers who find your website should already know who you are. What you can do is talk about different products or services you do offer, tricky situations, tips, tricks or anything that may speak directly to an audience that, unlike you, may not know all the ins and outs of your business. Providing information is different than hard selling. As an added bonus we’ll even go as far as to tell you that posting once a month to once per week will be enough to keep the search engines and readers happy.

You do have to spend some time coming up with appropriate content and deciding what will be a good fit for your weekly blog posts. Never publish a blog with a “just because I need this to be done” attitude. Your feelings may show in your writing and your customers will know you aren’t being genuine. If you have any further questions about the blogging process or developing your small business internet marketing campaign, we’re here to help. Our team is dedicated to small business internet marketing, thus we have a bit of experience to help you out. Feel free to give us a call @ (405) 757-4540.

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Small Business Internet Marketing: About Vlogging

Video Blogging And Small Business Internet Marketing

In the recent past we had talked about the importance of blogging on your small business’ website as a way to help your website get ranked higher on the organic Google search results. Today, we want to talk about adding videos to your blog, or “vlogging.” Your small business internet marketing campaign takes a different turn when you vlog. A vlog is set up just like a blog, but the body has an uploaded media video file instead of full body text.

If you’re tired of the old fashioned blogging technique you could give vlogging a try. You may be asking “is vlogging just as effective as blogging?” Our answer to you is; yes it is! There are several parts of small business internet marketing and vlogging is one of the powerful ways to get noticed online. Google indexes videos better than plain text. This happens as a result of potential clients spending longer periods of time on your page to watch the video(s).

According to information gathered from studies over the years, it would seem that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and 40% of people will respond better to visual information better than plain text. The proof is in the statistics that vlogging could help small businesses get more traffic on their websites. Not only is it more engaging for clients, but it may be easier for you to explain your topic than trying to type it out. Vlogging can provide amazing results for your small business internet marketing campaign.

Of course, to do this type of small business internet marketing, you would need to have your own video equipment and possibly a microphone if your camera isn’t great at picking up sound. If you’re a local small business, Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc. has video equipment on hand to help you out! If not, we will do everything we can to coach you on making the best videos for your page using what you do have.

Give us a call for a consultation about what small business internet marketing is all about. We can be reached at (405-757-4540) where we specialize in helping small business professionals, just like you. Let’s get your small business internet marketing campaign running!

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Why Does Blogging Aid Small Business Internet Marketing?

Small business internet marketing: Information to catapult your brand

Summer is here and we hope that you’re going to be doing some “hot” branding in order to tidy up your small business internet marketing campaign. The first step to reaching out to more clients, gain more traffic and potentially increase your income is having your own personal website. If you already have a personal website then you’re on the right track to enhancing your small business internet marketing campaign! Today, we will explain three ways that blogging helps for small business internet marketing.

1.) Search Engine Optimization: We, internet marketing gurus, like to refer to this simply as SEO. If you want to be recognized by Google, then you have to remain fresh and that means having high SEO. The more you appear on search engine rankings, the more traffic you get to your website. We don’t have to tell you that more traffic means more potential clients, but we just did, because it is important! One way to boost your SEO is by blogging on your website. It has to be on a regular basis and it has to include your keywords that are particular to your small business.

2.) Amplify Your Traffic: Blogging not only helps with small business internet marketing by increasing your SEO on your website, but it also increases interest of potential clients. Blogging, consistently, doesn’t have to be daunting. You just need to be fresh and informative. After all, your blog may just be the answer to a question someone searched for. By landing on your blog and seeing the answer, they may be more willing to stick around and navigate the rest of your website!

3.) Brand Your Agency: You can go with the “out of the box” free blogs found online by many, but nothing about that allows you to be you and it’s not nearly as powerful (nor is it ranked well by Google) as having your blog built into a website dedicated solely to your small business brand. People make decisions based on emotion and blogging will take you one step up in that category. People like to see a little lightheartedness in the writing paired with the informational, helpful tips you may have to offer.

So, are you ready to make small business internet marketing campaign shine? Blogging on your website can be the ticket that gets you those new clients. Don’t let them look elsewhere for their business needs!

If you need any assistance getting these things in order for your small business so that you can get the most out of small business internet marketing, then give us a call @ (405-757-4540).

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Small Business Internet Marketing: Hello Out There!?

Attention Small Business Owners: Are you being found?

Hello, hello? Do you hear that echo… echo… echo? That’s what it is like when you’ve been doing this small business thing for a while and you suddenly realize you’ve hit the plateau, in the middle of no where and you don’t know how to be found by more clients. Small business internet marketing is a wonderful place to start developing your own custom brand.

You can’t be afraid to present yourself. Presenting yourself means having an internet existence and small business internet marketing truly begins once you having a custom website. Why? Because it separates you from the pack! A website gives you the ability to be indexed by Google for searching purposes. After you have website, what you do with it matters. Your website is supposed to be there to serve as an essential extension of your small business by educating and attracting possible clients. If you don’t do the right things to attract prospective clients, then your website winds up in cyberspace.

A key piece to any small business internet marketing campaign is where and how your website appears on Google search results. Why? Research tells us that 1.17 billion people use Google search. Take a wild guess where we found that statistic. You guessed it; Google. It should be important to you to be there when people are searching for you.

To make sure your site is found on Google you have to use search engine optimization (SEO). Using proper keywords on your website for your small business and making changes to your website regularly are both ways to enhance your small business internet marketing campaign. Google Adwords is a helpful tool to find ideas for some important keywords, meanwhile consistent blogging on your website can help Google to recognize your website as being “fresh.”

Are you ready to get going? You’re on in five and the stage awaits for you to show off your small business internet marketing campaign. Lights… camera… action!

Don’t hesitate to call so that we can help you out. We can be reached at (405-757-4540).


The Many New Ways of Small Business Internet Marketing: Part 4

Small Business Internet Marketing: 12 marketing strategies

We hope our last three posts have helped you begin some spring cleaning for your small business internet marketing campaign.  Thus far, we have listed nine different ways your small business internet marketing campaign could be improved. We have just a few more things to reveal that may help you get more clients and keep your small business rolling. The final three new ways of small business internet marketing strategies are as follows:

1.) Online customer service: Having ways to make clients’ lives easier is great. For example, allowing clients to shop online provides them the ability to do so from home. That’s great customer service! Perhaps you are a service provider rather than a product seller (like retail stores). You can still provide great customer service by having a website that explains what your services are about so that people can check you out prior to entering your business location or calling you to schedule services.

2.) Local listing updates: Local listings are an online version of directories. It’s important that each listing is complete, accurate and matches all other listings. This is especially important for those appearing on Google.

3.) Blogging: Content such as blogs are a great way to produce ongoing changes for your small business website. This will keep you fresh in the eyes of followers and for Google. These can be automatically pushed to your social media pages for even more exposure, directly linking back to your website.

As you can see it is very important to stay updated in this digital world we live in. Having a fantastic online presence will be your ticket to receiving more clients and keeping the ones you already have. Are you equipped to handle all of these new ways to keep your small business marketing campaign current? If any of these aspects seem too hard to handle on your own, we’re here for you.

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