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Small Business Marketing Strategies To Close Out Your Sales Year Strong

Small Business Marketing For The Final Quarter

The “rush” to the end of the year is finally upon us as the final quarter has started. Most small businesses understand that the final few months of the year (as with all quarters) do play a role in profits. Of course, you’re going to want to end this sales year strong, but what if you could take some time to focus your small business marketing efforts on ways that would have your business looking even better by the next quarter? In this final quarter you can put some good marketing strategies to use to end this year with a bang. Two of the best ways to help your marketing efforts pay off are to focus on your client relationships and invest in SEO marketing to boost your business’ name on search engines.

Client Relationships: Connecting with your customers is the easiest way to gain their trust. Look for ways to make a personal connection with as many customers as possible. You could set up an automatic emailer to send out to customers who just visited your office and ask them for their personal feedback or review or your location. Responding to negative reviews with a possible solution is one way to build trust and hopefully keep the customer returning!

SEO Marketing: To really pull of a great search engine optimization marketing campaign it’s going to take a few months of hard work. The pay off for investing time into this small business marketing strategy is that your name will inch closer and closer to the top of important search engines on the internet, making customers that much more likely to choose your business over a competitor.

Some people may not think of marketing as being their answer to success, but it truly can ensure a successful quarter come 2018 and will make you feel better about your efforts towards the close of the current year. A good business planner knows that at times opportunities for change should be taken. Why not take a chance on small business marketing?

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Small Business Marketing- Kind Attitudes

Small Business Marketing Via Kind Attitudes From Your Staff

Small Business Marketing Isn’t All Online

When our business, (Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc.), was first launched we started with putting in the work necessary to bring small businesses to a higher ranking on Google. Since then, we’ve branched out a little more in the coaching side of things to really help business owners make their businesses a place that customers truly want to visit. After all, what good is a glowing online presence if when your customers walk in the door all they are greeted with is one ugly attitude after another?

One of our small business marketing services includes managing online reputations for our customers, but we do not wear the “black hat” in this situation. This means that we take the honest feedback from your customers that visit your place of business and we let you, the owner, know what is said when a negative review comes through.

From our small business marketing efforts we’ve come to realize that if these bad situations are never dealt with on a personal level, then it really doesn’t matter if the online presence shows that you’re doing wonderfully. Overtime, your customers will begin to realize this and they will stop coming if something isn’t done to correct negative situations!

Our marketing team encourages small business owners to listen to the honest feedback from their customers and try to correct the situation if they have something negative to say. For example, if reviews repeatedly come in declaring that the receptionist at your office was rude or appeared to “hate their job” then this should be addressed to avoid the same type of review from continuing.

Remember that it couldn’t be more important for you to maintain your small business marketing efforts by making sure that your hired staff try to present a kind attitude towards the customers visiting your establishment, because without them you wouldn’t be in business.

This is just a friendly reminder from our team to yours. Have a fabulous day and may you and your staff members remember to smile!

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3 Ways To Earn The Trust Of Your Customers

Trust: Be More Than Just Another Business

Many small businesses get too aggressive with their approach to attempt attracting more customers. Rather than being the annoyance that will soon get you “unfollowed” on social media and untrusted by your audience, there are better ways to get customers in your door and that’s by earning their trust.

Today, we’re going to discuss 3 ways you can begin to earn the trust of your customers.

1.) Have A Clean Reputation: You better believe that your customers are digitally-enabled and smart about who they choose to purchase products or services from. Marketing yourself does go deeper than just having an online presence.

You also need to have a clean online reputation. Make sure you have nothing to hide, because if there is any dirt out there about your business you know customers are sure to find it!

2.) Show Them Some Respect: Earning trust from customers means you have to be trustworthy. Don’t be one of those businesses that puts fine print on everything and then charges outrageous fees.

Doing so will earn you a line full of customers bolting another direction. Listening to customer feedback and making changes, when necessary, to provide them with their wants or needs will help you gain their trust.

3.) Don’t Make False Promises: There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than to expect a high quality of service and receive the total opposite. If for any reason you are unable to fulfill a customer’s wishes, it is important to contact that customer immediately and be 100% honest about the situation.

If your business doesn’t revolve around truth, you will eventually lose trust and customers!

Too many small business owners fail to recognize the importance of trust and then wonder why their customers look elsewhere. Don’t forget to listen to what your customers are telling you! Remember, your brand and everything about your business should start with a focus on how your promises will live up to the expectations of your customers.

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Are Your Pitch Videos Too Long?

Don’t post a snooze fest of a video!

Small business internet marketing has a lot going on and videos just add to the hype, but let’s face it, there is a lot to look at online. There are loads of ads, photos, banners, pop-ups, videos and more videos!

It’s no wonder with everything going on that the nanosecond a video is deemed “too long” people click away and they’re on to something else.

In the digital age (ie: the era we’re in now) people simply don’t have the attention spans that they used to when it comes to watching videos. While people do love videos, there are certain conscious guidelines the majority of consumers follow.

If you have videos on your website you could be damaging your small business internet marketing campaign with simple mistakes. Are you posting a snooze fest of a video right from the get go?

One of the strongest determining factors for potential customers to even click on your video is the length of the video.

TIP: You don’t have to show off EVERYTHING your business has to offer in one video. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “no one will buy the ice cream if you’re giving away the whole truck for free?”

The answer when making videos is to stick to short scripts. Anything under a minute is fabulous! In fact, 45-90 seconds is perfectly long enough to keep your audience interested in the highlights of your product or service.

Keeping it short will increase the chance of your audience actually making it through your entire video.

If you want to know more or need some help getting started in the right direction, feel free to contact us online or give us a call @ 405-757-4540. We’d be happy to have a consultation with you, give you more video tips and find out about your small business internet marketing needs.

Small business internet marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Dirty Or Clean?

Small Business Internet Marketing: Slow and steady

You know your small business inside and out, but you may not know the best ways to get your brand name out there among all the competitors. When you go looking for a company to help you out with small business internet marketing there is a lot to consider. You will find those companies that claim they can boost your small business internet marketing campaign by doing “A, B, and C,” but then they don’t have analytics or examples to back up those claims. Then, there may be those that do things “dirty” in an attempt to get you ranked higher on Google, faster. Beware of these types of marketers, because the Google team is smarter than that and eventually the plan will back-fire!

What we’re going to tell you is that we believe in getting you results the “clean” way. It may take a bit longer than you expect, but we won’t lie to you about how long it should take before you will see results from playing nicely. Small business internet marketing can mean doing as little or as much of our program as you want. Of course, the more you do the better the results will be for helping you to bring in more clients.

A few ways our small business internet marketing team can help are by providing you with some of the following important, optional services:

• Paid ads
• Backlinks
• Local search
• Blogging on your website (keeps you fresh)

Now, back to the time frame bit. If you are doing things the “clean” way (or allowing a small business internet marketing team do it for you) then you should expect to see the first sliver of results within a few short months. Will you be the number one agency listed on Google? Perhaps not, but with effort you can get closer to that spot. Within 3-6 months you can find yourself on the first page of Google if the proper measures are taken. Remember “slow and steady wins the race.”

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Small Business Internet Marketing: 3 Social Media Tips

Win over your clients with small business internet marketing

Small business internet marketing couldn’t be easier thanks to social media sites! Networking on social media is a great way for small businesses to connect with their clients. Twitter, Google plus, Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular places to get, digitally, in touch with prospective clients. Advertising your small business while building rapport is a win-win scenario. Small business internet marketing doesn’t have to be difficult; as long as you know what to do on social media sites, you will be golden. There are a few ways you can make using social media work for you.

Small business internet marketing tip # 1; Know your community:

If you know your audience, then posting things that target your audience is the obvious choice. People like to look at what they think applies to them. While your products or services may seem like easy things to post about, it may require a little more effort than you realize. Of course, there needs to be the business’ brand involved, but social media postings also should to be more friendly sounding than simply saying “call me for a quote” or “buy this” on every post.

Small business internet marketing tip # 2; Engage your brand and community:

Put a little “you” in the mix. What about your small business makes you smile? That’s probably a good place to start. If something makes people smile, they’re more likely to like or share the post (which gains more exposure). Pick some nice images to go with what you want to talk about for the day.

Small business internet marketing tip # 3; Push some friendly paid ads:

Because people are on social media sites a lot, sometimes multiple times a day, a great way to get your name out there is by having paid ads that will generate to viewers when they visit their home pages. Facebook is a wonderful place to do this.

So are you ready to get your small business internet marketing campaign running? If you need any assistance with this, don’t hesitate to call so that we can help you out. We can be reached at (405-757-4540) where we specialize in helping small business professionals, just like you.

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Why Does Blogging Aid Small Business Internet Marketing?

Small business internet marketing: Information to catapult your brand

Summer is here and we hope that you’re going to be doing some “hot” branding in order to tidy up your small business internet marketing campaign. The first step to reaching out to more clients, gain more traffic and potentially increase your income is having your own personal website. If you already have a personal website then you’re on the right track to enhancing your small business internet marketing campaign! Today, we will explain three ways that blogging helps for small business internet marketing.

1.) Search Engine Optimization: We, internet marketing gurus, like to refer to this simply as SEO. If you want to be recognized by Google, then you have to remain fresh and that means having high SEO. The more you appear on search engine rankings, the more traffic you get to your website. We don’t have to tell you that more traffic means more potential clients, but we just did, because it is important! One way to boost your SEO is by blogging on your website. It has to be on a regular basis and it has to include your keywords that are particular to your small business.

2.) Amplify Your Traffic: Blogging not only helps with small business internet marketing by increasing your SEO on your website, but it also increases interest of potential clients. Blogging, consistently, doesn’t have to be daunting. You just need to be fresh and informative. After all, your blog may just be the answer to a question someone searched for. By landing on your blog and seeing the answer, they may be more willing to stick around and navigate the rest of your website!

3.) Brand Your Agency: You can go with the “out of the box” free blogs found online by many, but nothing about that allows you to be you and it’s not nearly as powerful (nor is it ranked well by Google) as having your blog built into a website dedicated solely to your small business brand. People make decisions based on emotion and blogging will take you one step up in that category. People like to see a little lightheartedness in the writing paired with the informational, helpful tips you may have to offer.

So, are you ready to make small business internet marketing campaign shine? Blogging on your website can be the ticket that gets you those new clients. Don’t let them look elsewhere for their business needs!

If you need any assistance getting these things in order for your small business so that you can get the most out of small business internet marketing, then give us a call @ (405-757-4540).

Mistakes Made With Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Find solutions

In our past posts we have discussed in great lengths different ideas about small business internet marketing. Sometimes, businesses will take this information and run with it to satisfy the “do-it-yourself” mentality that they have. It’s fantastic to start branding yourself, but there are a few mistakes that can be made with small business internet marketing. We’re going to tell you about some of those common mistakes and also tell you how to fix those mistakes!

Small business internet marketing mistakes:

1.) Bad Pages: A major mistake you can make is having too many main link pages on the front of your website or not having enough precision in the titles of the pages.

2.) Snooze Fest: A common issue is the website content being too boring with plain text on every page.

3.) No Social Ties: If you are blogging, but you don’t have those blogs connected to your social media pages, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

How do you fix these problems for optimal small business internet marketing?

Small business internet marketing solutions:

1.) Better Pages: A lot of small business owners think making a one-page landing site is good enough. The truth is that Google likes to see a website with more pages, but they have to be precise. Have a set of page links at the top of your home page that speak clearly about what you want to portray to the clients in regards to your business. If you want more information then creating drop down menus from the main page links at the top of your website is a great idea. For example, let’s say you want to talk about your mission, yourself, your team and your community involvement. All of those things can be sub-categories to your “about us” main page link. That makes your site look cleaner, navigate better and diminishes confusion.

2.) Snooze No-More: The content you put on your website is important to small business internet marketing. Your site should have content that is written to convert visitors to clients. You also want to have photos or videos, because graphics make people more likely to stick around.

3.) Getting Social: Connect to your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for better small business internet marketing. Your business page should have social posts daily, but more importantly make sure your blogs are showing up on your social networking websites as a way to point back to your website. More people visiting your website means more potential for converted sales!

If you need any assistance getting these things in order for your small business so that you can get the most out of small business internet marketing, then give us a call @ (405-757-4540).

Echo- Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Hello Out There!?

Attention Small Business Owners: Are you being found?

Hello, hello? Do you hear that echo… echo… echo? That’s what it is like when you’ve been doing this small business thing for a while and you suddenly realize you’ve hit the plateau, in the middle of no where and you don’t know how to be found by more clients. Small business internet marketing is a wonderful place to start developing your own custom brand.

You can’t be afraid to present yourself. Presenting yourself means having an internet existence and small business internet marketing truly begins once you having a custom website. Why? Because it separates you from the pack! A website gives you the ability to be indexed by Google for searching purposes. After you have website, what you do with it matters. Your website is supposed to be there to serve as an essential extension of your small business by educating and attracting possible clients. If you don’t do the right things to attract prospective clients, then your website winds up in cyberspace.

A key piece to any small business internet marketing campaign is where and how your website appears on Google search results. Why? Research tells us that 1.17 billion people use Google search. Take a wild guess where we found that statistic. You guessed it; Google. It should be important to you to be there when people are searching for you.

To make sure your site is found on Google you have to use search engine optimization (SEO). Using proper keywords on your website for your small business and making changes to your website regularly are both ways to enhance your small business internet marketing campaign. Google Adwords is a helpful tool to find ideas for some important keywords, meanwhile consistent blogging on your website can help Google to recognize your website as being “fresh.”

Are you ready to get going? You’re on in five and the stage awaits for you to show off your small business internet marketing campaign. Lights… camera… action!

Don’t hesitate to call so that we can help you out. We can be reached at (405-757-4540).


Part 2: Facebook Ad Benefits For Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Get your name out there

Why is advertising on Facebook important? Well, let us put it this way; if Facebook were a country, it is said that it would be the third largest in the world, after China and India, for population. That’s a great deal of active users and thousands of them could be in your area. In part one of this series we gave you two reasons that Facebook Ads are beneficial to small business internet marketing. It was easy to see that for very little cost Facebook Ads could help small businesses target their specific audience.

With so many targeting options available, you are able to ensure that your dollars are being spent on the most applicable audience. This means you can get value out of even the smallest investment. In part two of this series we will talk about a few more reasons why Facebook Ads are great to boost your small business internet marketing campaign.

1.) ROI: Did you know that outcomes can be monitored? You can have access to information that tells you what you have spent and what kind of results it has provided. You will know how many times your ad was shown, the number of different people who saw your ad and the average number of times they saw it. When you pay for Facebook Ads, you know that you are getting exactly what you want out of it. How’s that for knowing your return on investment? Your small business internet marketing campaign just got easier.

2.) Have An Edge: You’d be surprised at just how few small businesses are using Facebook Ads, despite how powerful they can be. Because of this, you could have a leg up on the competing businesses in your area. You could gain potential clients’ attention, increase brand awareness and engage with your audience. Facebook Ads could give your small business internet marketing campaign an incredible advantage.

Do you want to get your small business internet marketing campaign bustling? If you need any assistance with this, don’t hesitate to call so that we can help you out. We can be reached at (405-757-4540). We specialize in helping small businesses, just like you. So, what are you waiting for? Your Facebook audience awaits!