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Learning To Be Digitally Relevant In 2017

Diving Into Search Engine Optimization

How does a business know if they are relevant online these days? They may find themselves scrambling to learn the answer while trying to constantly adjust to the continuous growth of technology. Here, at Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc. we don’t just want to tell people whether they are relevant or not, we want to educate others about what that means. Search engine optimization is a great first starting point and that’s precisely the topic of discussion for Rob Stone, CEO and president of Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc., at tomorrow’s meeting hosted by the Public Relations Society of America.

This meeting is open to those in the Metro OKC area with ticket prices being listed here. Normally, Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc. will help any business from all over the nation, but this is a unique opportunity for local businesses.

During this meeting, Rob will provide an overview of where search engine optimization (also known as SEO) will be in 2017 and the tried and true techniques for social relevancy in the coming year. Furthermore, Rob plans to speak about the ins and outs of SEO and how each business can utilize this tool.

Keeping up-to-date on everything connected to SEO, analytics, and social media can be overwhelming at times with the never-ending changes being introduced. Whether your role has always dealt with digital efforts or your role has grown to include managing digital efforts for your organization, this is a can’t miss meeting.

If you’re a local company looking to learn a little more about digital relevancy in 2017, consider attending this meeting. It will be held January 18th, 2017 from 11:30am to 1:00pm at the UCO Boathouse. You may click here for directions.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, but you’re still interested in learning more about expanding your digital marketing efforts in 2017, feel free to give Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc. a call @ 405-757-4540. We’d be happy to schedule a time to talk with you about your website and marketing efforts.

Echo- Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Hello Out There!?

Attention Small Business Owners: Are you being found?

Hello, hello? Do you hear that echo… echo… echo? That’s what it is like when you’ve been doing this small business thing for a while and you suddenly realize you’ve hit the plateau, in the middle of no where and you don’t know how to be found by more clients. Small business internet marketing is a wonderful place to start developing your own custom brand.

You can’t be afraid to present yourself. Presenting yourself means having an internet existence and small business internet marketing truly begins once you having a custom website. Why? Because it separates you from the pack! A website gives you the ability to be indexed by Google for searching purposes. After you have website, what you do with it matters. Your website is supposed to be there to serve as an essential extension of your small business by educating and attracting possible clients. If you don’t do the right things to attract prospective clients, then your website winds up in cyberspace.

A key piece to any small business internet marketing campaign is where and how your website appears on Google search results. Why? Research tells us that 1.17 billion people use Google search. Take a wild guess where we found that statistic. You guessed it; Google. It should be important to you to be there when people are searching for you.

To make sure your site is found on Google you have to use search engine optimization (SEO). Using proper keywords on your website for your small business and making changes to your website regularly are both ways to enhance your small business internet marketing campaign. Google Adwords is a helpful tool to find ideas for some important keywords, meanwhile consistent blogging on your website can help Google to recognize your website as being “fresh.”

Are you ready to get going? You’re on in five and the stage awaits for you to show off your small business internet marketing campaign. Lights… camera… action!

Don’t hesitate to call so that we can help you out. We can be reached at (405-757-4540).


The Many New Ways of Small Business Internet Marketing: Part 2

Small Business Internet Marketing: 12 marketing strategies

In part one of this four part series we discussed improving your small business internet marketing campaign by utilization of a responsive website, paid ads and organic links, and having an ad landing page. Overall, it is all about getting the most SEO so that your business can continue to grow. In part two of this series, we will discuss three more ways you can enhance your small business internet marketing for the future:

1.) Online videos: Videos are quickly becoming a very important piece of any small business internet marketing strategy. Publishers who use graphics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who do not. People would much rather watch a video than read text; plain and simple. In fact, research tells us that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and 40% of people will respond better to visual information better than plain text.

2.) Social media postings: Engaging your clients and potential clients is a powerful way to gain attention. Did you know that being present on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In can affect your website’s online visibility? It’s true! The more traffic you gain to social media sites, the more clients will be likely to visit your website and “check you out.” You can use humor, informational posts and other pieces of your personal flare to get people interested.

3.) Online review management: Small business clients can play a major role in controlling your image with their online reviews. According to findings published by BrightLocal in their annual Local Consumer Review Survey, eighty-eight percent of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. If your practice does receive a negative review, the best thing you can do is to respond to it quickly and ask how you can make it right. One service we offer is the ability to pump out your positive reviews to many different review websites for all to see.

Do you know what people are saying about you? Do you have engaging social media postings? Do you have online videos? If not, these are things you should consider adding to your strategy for better small business internet marketing. Stay tuned for more information in part three of this part four series!

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The Many New Ways of Small Business Internet Marketing: Part 1

Small Business Internet Marketing: 12 marketing strategies

It’s a brand new month and we hope you love the idea of sprucing up your small business internet marketing campaign. It’s that lovely time of year when passion is strong, not just for romance, but for getting things done within your small business. It’s smart to reflect on some of the ways that small business internet marketing continues to progress with the best marketing practices, technology trends, and what Google desires your site to look like in order to obtain the necessary search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

As 2015 ramps up into full swing, instead of looking back at what you’ve been doing and repeating the same mistakes that were made in the last year, it seems that a better way would be to look forward. Stay updated on strategies that will continue to be the “bread and butter” of your small business internet marketing campaign and your business will go further. In part one of this four part series, we will discuss three out of twelve new ways that you can boost your small business internet marketing for the future:

1.) Having a responsive website: We’ve said it once and we will say it again; if your website doesn’t adapt to fit the smaller screens of a cell phone or tablet, then you just might be missing out on clients who would have otherwise visited your urgent care facility. In 2014, an article was published by Nielson which concluded that US adults spent, on average, 34 hours per month using the mobile internet on smart phones. The research firm puts smart phone penetration at 65 percent. That is a significant number of potential clients using their smart phones to find services in your area. Don’t give them a reason to click the back button and look elsewhere for their service needs.

2.) Paid Ads and/or Organic Links: Pay per click advertising for the Google search engine is one way your you can get the name of your small business to be found online. Another way to get attention is by ranking high on the organic links list which appear below the paid ads. You can do this by having proper updates to your website that Google will recognize and categorize as being legitimately good changes.

3.) Ad landing pages: Having paid ads with click-able links can take clients to a created landing page. The landing page is a carefully designed mini-site that is written a bit differently than your main website. It would include brief bits of information about the services clients are looking for and the content is designed to increase your calls and client stream as quickly as possible.

All of these things are SEO hard at work. We know that small business internet marketing can be a tricky thing to progress, but with the right tools you can appear to be a marketing guru. In part two of this four part series, we will be discussing another three ways that you can improve your small business internet marketing campaign.

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Internet Existence for Small Business Marketing Part 2

Small Business Internet Marketing: Be found online with SEO

At this point you may have a website already made in order to start your small business marketing campaign and it’s living on the web right now, but you don’t know what to do next. Unfortunately for websites, the concept of “build it and they will come” from the movie Field of Dreams, is not a method that will work.

In the process of vamping up your small business marketing campaign you have to be mindful of competitors. It is no doubt that clients have searched Google to find services millions of times. How many times do you think people made it past page three of their Google search before they made their decision on which company to use? Not many and, in fact, there are some clients that never make it past page one of their Google search.

If your small business website isn’t on the first three pages of Google then it is likely that you just aren’t being found. If people cannot find your website then they will chose to go somewhere else. Your small business marketing campaign needs some help with search engine optimization (SEO). You have to get yourself noticed by Google if you want people to locate your website. Using SEO services can help you get to where you want to be and will help clients find you when they complete Google searches for your particular business.

If you work with professionals that know how to use keywords on your website, then Google will be able to recognize the efforts put forth. By following the basic rules of getting found, you will be able to climb in rankings. It does take some time and effort to consciously updated your page enough so that it doesn’t become a “dead website” and fall off the rankings, but if you’re willing to put in the work to make your small business marketing campaign solid, the clients will find you.

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