Small Business Internet Marketing Strategy

What’s Your Small Business Internet Marketing Strategy?

Internet Marketing To Increase Customer Volume

As the owner or operator of a small business you may find yourself thinking there’s no need to advertise or market, because everyone looking for your particular choice of product or service will find you eventually, right? That may have been the case when it was simpler times and an operation was the only one like it. These days, of course, things have expanded a lot. There are tons of places for consumers to shop and that means more competition. If you question what makes your competitors so noticeable, you’d most likely learn that many of them are using some kind of small business internet marketing techniques.

How will you stand out amongst all those other offices, stores, or service providers?

Do you have a small business internet marketing strategy?

If increasing customer volume and maintaining some repeat visitors is one of your business’ main goals to accomplish, then you really should develop a strategy for online marketing. Here are some ideas which should be the initial focus:

  • Build a custom website that’s also mobile friendly (responsive)
  • Develop custom content
  • Utilize Search Engine Optimization practices (keyword ranking, traffic generation tools, etc.)
  • Maintain online reputation
  • Optimize your business for local search
  • Use social media to your advantage (ads, posting, management, etc.)

All of the suggested starting points listed above are just scratching the surface of what can be done online these days. If you’re too busy running your small business to set aside time to figure out how to run an entire small business internet marketing campaign, we’re here for you.

If you need professionals in the marketing field with knowledge about various industry types, give us a call so we can put together the best possible internet marketing strategy for you! Our marketing team can be reached by calling 405-757-4540.

Internet Marketing Principles- 2

Reflection Upon Our Adopted Internet Marketing Principles: Part 2

Drawing Inspiration From The Go-Giver For Urgent Care Marketing

In part one of this blog series we shared 2 out of 5 of the inspirational principles that we utilize in our everyday internet marketing business. These valuable lessons are plucked directly from the The Go-Giver, a book written by Bob Burg. Today, we want to reflect on the remaining 3 principles and how we have used them and continue to conduct much of our business with them in mind.

Law #3- The Law Of Influence: Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

Simply put, people will do business with those they know, like, and trust. How did we do that? First, we did what we said we would do! Our internet marketing team never made false promises about what it was that we did for our small business owner customers. We also continue to put ourselves in their path rather than hiding in the background. We have regular meetings to ensure that our customers get to know us, understand what we’re doing, and begin to trust our word is good. Furthermore, we give the customers a chance to weigh in on marketing decisions regarding their businesses.

Law #4- The Law Of Authenticity: The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.  

After all, what good is having the skills to perform without showing our true selves? Our internet marketing team strives to not only talk about what we can do, but we show that we truly know our stuff.

Law #5- The Law Of Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

If you throw a ball into the air with an open hand, but then close your as the ball falls back down it’s probably going to hit you in the face! It’s a lot safer for you if you decide to try to catch that ball once it comes down. Much in the same way, when we throw out more of our internet marketing efforts for less than we take in payment that’s giving and we have to be open to accepting that the fruits of those labors will come full circle and provide for our business. That’s receiving. 

These are the laws we follow and it’s made us humble in our internet marketing practices. If you’re a small business owner looking for a company that will work with you to help you make your vision for internet marketing happen, we’d be happy to help!

Internet Marketing Principles

Reflection Upon Our Adopted Internet Marketing Principles: Part 1

Drawing Inspiration From The Go-Giver For Internet Marketing

The truth is that since the founding of our internet marketing company we’ve always sought to do the “right thing” for our clients. The world of business is already so full of those who take payment, but do not satisfy their customers. We did not ever wish to be that kind of internet marketing company; thus, we started doing business by reading a book.

To this day we have held steadfast to the inspirational principles taught within the The Go-Giver, a wonderful book written by Bob Burg about several valuable business lessons. Today, we’d like to reflect on a few of the laws provided in the book and explain how we have accepted each of them into our own way of conducting our internet marketing business.

Law #1- The Law Of Value: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

Of course, to stay in business any company has to make money and it’s not a terrible thing to do in order to provide for the well-being of employees and sustain the business. The problem comes when business to business relationships are built solely on price and the providing business owner in the relationship does not care whether their customer survives in the end. To prevent this from happening, our internet marketing company has made it a point to put into practice the lesson of giving services for a fair price, but ultimately knowing the difference between price and value.

Law #2- The Law Of Compensation: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

Many times our customers have price shopped before settling on hiring us. They tell us they have found that our prices were very fair for what we’ve managed to accomplish for them in return. Our once humble beginnings started with just one company hiring us and after we helped them realize great success the word spread. Soon others started to find us. We believe that how well we served others was a testimonial in itself which has, in turn, guided others to seek out our services.

These are only the first 2 of 5 laws we follow and we’ll be talking more about the rest of them in our next post.

If you’re a small business owner looking for a company that will work with you to help you make your vision for internet marketing happen, we’d be happy to help!

small business internet marketing

The Importance Of Ongoing Internet Marketing

Why Small Business Internet Marketing Requires Upkeep

Whether you’re paying an internet marketing company to get your name ranked high on the front page of Google search results or you’re doing all the hard work yourself, you may find yourself wondering what happens if you stop. The fact is that doing things the “white hat way” and following all the rules means that it will, generally, take about 3-6 months before you start seeing your company name rise in rank so how long do you think it will take for you to drop off if you suddenly stopped small business internet marketing?

The truth is that it depends on how often Google crawls your site and reindexes the updates you’ve made to the website or lack thereof. The important thing to note is that Google can crawl and index information almost instantaneously in some instances. With that being said some small business internet marketing customers have noticed a drop off within a few days, or even weeks of their website going stale when they decided to stop putting effort into their marketing. One recent example of a marketing customer stopped services and slipped from page one to page two of Google within one week.

Why does the drop off happen so fast?

Think about all the small businesses you have for competition out in your region or even in the nation. If they are fighting for the same number one slot on Google results for <enter your company type here> and you suddenly stop fighting for your spot, then not only do all your past efforts go down the drain, so to speak, but in this scenario your competition gets a leg up in the race.

We know that small business internet marketing takes a lot of time to upkeep, but if you’re doing it we strongly urge you to stick with it. If you’ve been handling all of your internet marketing by yourself, but you can no longer handle those duties along with those of running your business operations, please feel free to contact our marketing team.

We can be reached by clicking here. Our team would love to help you maintain or reach the ranking on Google that you deserve!

local-directories-small business internet marketing

The Importance Of Local Directories For Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Getting You Found

Perhaps, the only thing you think about in terms of your small business internet marketing campaign is getting your name to be as close to the top of the Google search results as possible, but if you’re not making use of local directories then you’re harming your chances of this happening. Many may wonder what being on Citysearch, MerchantCircle, or Insider Pages has to do with ranking higher and being found. We’re here to explain a bit more about why these local directories and many more are very important.

Small business internet marketing is very involved. One of the best things you could spend money on is getting your name on as many local directories as possible with the correct data. Google is the like the head honcho, but they do pull information from all over the internet, including other directories, to prove relevancy and accuracy with the companies they allow to be at the top of search results. The more internet saturation you have for your small business, the more likely it is that you’ll be found due to higher ranking.

The cons to managing these local directory listing yourself is that the data can often be changed from what you originally intended. In fact, records indicate that data is able to be changed on many directory sites by the common user. Furthermore, it is reported that these random changes can occur, on average, once every 6 days. Obviously, having the correct information about your small business going out to the public is pretty important.

The good news is that our small business internet marketing team has tools to help you get listed quickly in the top directories. The benefit to having someone, like our marketing team, manage all of these local directory listings for your small business is that we can control the data to make certain that it shows up how it is supposed to.

In addition to being listed appropriately with our methods, we can also make use of these local listings to help you get your customer reviews sent out to the various directory locations. Having reviews is just as important as being listed. A lack of reviews will only prove to Google your irrelevance even more, thus; you want to have reviews spread out across the internet for Google to see.

These reasons alone are pretty compelling as to why you should want to take advantage of being listed on local directories. If you’d like to know more about this, have other questions, or just want to contact our small business internet marketing team, please feel free to give us a call @ 405-757-4540.

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Small Business Internet Marketing: Benefits of Writing an Ebook

Small Business Internet Marketing: Add valuable content

So, you already have a website that is getting attention and you have a blog that people read, now what? If you’ve been craving a new way to blast out some helpful, informative content to your customers, then a free Ebook may be your ticket. Small business internet marketing has many layers, can be done multiple ways and writing an Ebook actually has some benefits. Here, we are going to list a few of those benefits which can help you in your quest to flesh out your small business internet marketing campaign.

• An ebook allows you to expand on topics that you write about on your blog.
• Makes your insurance agency stand out.
• Gives you customer contact information when they download the Ebook.
• Provides more content for Google rankings.
• Provides value to existing customers.
• Attracts new visitors to your website.
• Gives you something else to post about on social media.
• Can lead to more business.

These are just some basic benefits that come as a result of writing a free Ebook. Quite simply, Ebooks are a small business internet marketing plan and a good way to bring your audience one step closer. They don’t even have to be incredibly lengthy in order to be informative, in fact if your Ebook is too long it might turn people away. We hope the benefits listed here will motivate you to boost your small business internet marketing campaign by writing a free Ebook.

Not everyone knows where to start or how to write an Ebook. If you need help developing your Ebook content, feel free to give us a call @405-757-4540. We’re here to help with small business internet marketing. We have a passion for helping small businesses be found online and get ahead in the industry.

3 small business internet marketing

3 Small Business Internet Marketing Tips To Drive Customers To Your Website

Small Business Internet Marketing: Help customers find you

As a small business owner it can often feel too difficult to rank higher than the competition and get your name out in the digital world. You don’t have to be a business with 30 store locations to beat the odds and stake your piece of property in the land of small business internet marketing. Many people searching for your small business will start looking online, first. Of course, you want your name to appear in the search results. You can follow these simple tips to help drive customers to your website and boost your small business internet marketing campaign.

1. Email Lists: Email can actually be useful to your small business internet marketing plan. You can build an email group by having a monthly newsletter for people to opt-in on. Once they sign up, you have the ability to drip feed content that informational and helpful. Review requests can also be sent to help people leave you positive reviews on Google, which makes your small business’ name look that much better.

2. Facebook Marketing: There are a few ways you can use Facebook to your advantage when planning out your small business internet marketing campaign. One way is the use of Facebook ads and you chose the specific demographic information for those you’d like to target the ads to. You could also track those who have visited your website to re-market to those same people on Facebook.

3. Website Blogging: With enough effort, small business internet marketing is easy with blogging. If you blog often enough with solid content it can help drive customers to the website. You can also share links on social media, like Facebook to bring more viewers. You can also talk about issues in your blogs that people often seek answers to, therefore; bringing value to customers.

These tips sound easy enough for small business internet marketing, right? These are some of the most basic things you could be doing to get your website noticed. If you want to know more or need some help getting started in the right direction, feel free to give us a call @ 405-757-4540. We’d be happy to have a consultation with you and find out about your marketing needs.

Small business internet marketing

Why Your Small Business Internet Marketing Campaign Isn’t Making You #1

Avoiding Blunders For Small Business Internet Marketing

You tweak, delete, change and move things around on your website. As your employees have come and gone you’ve added or changed out photos, content and data to keep your website the most up to date. With all this work you may be thinking “well, I am implementing this small business internet marketing campaign”. You may even have one of your employees keep up with the website tasks while you are busy being the small business owner you need to be, so you feel as though you’ve done everything right. So, your final question is “why is all this work not getting me to the top spot on Google”? Here are a few reasons why your small business internet marketing campaign isn’t #1 on Google.

1.) You don’t have enough pages or enough quality content on each page
2.) Your service/products pages aren’t built to convert people into clients
3.) You don’t have enough genuine, positive Google reviews
4.) You aren’t active on Google +
5.) You aren’t using keywords people search for in regards to your business type in your area
6.) You don’t have an aged domain name

It can be frustrating to see your competitors rising up above you, but there are several factors that go into play there. In fact, Google is a hard beast to tame! It is continuously shifting and what it deems to be the most relevant information now may not be the same a month from now. That means that what you do to get your website noticed by Google must be spot on, but the tricky part is that Google doesn’t always reveal the secret to get to the top spot. Small business internet marketing can easily become time consuming and for business owners trying to make it out there in the world, that means little time gets dedicated to pampering the website as it needs. If you need help with your small business internet marketing campaign it may be time to call in some professionals.

If you’re interested in having a team dedicated to small business internet marketing, please feel free to give us a call (405) 757-4540.

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Small Business Internet Marketing: Blog For The Audience

A Major Blogging Tip For Small Business Internet Marketing

You know your small business internet marketing campaign can benefit from social media interactions, but blogging can also help get people to your website. Information you provide when pushing through your small business internet marketing campaign gives people a look at your personality. You also allow people to know what professional talents you have to offer them. Blogging goes deeper than social media in that it isn’t always about just plastering on a funny picture or sales pitch. If you’re a small business owner that wants to launch your small business internet marketing campaign by yourself, you can do it with a little practice. If you really want to get the most out of small business internet marketing via blogging follow this one major tip: Don’t just push the sale.

Small business internet marketing can be simple if you blog correctly. Your blog is an extension of your existing small business’ website, so you don’t need to always go so heavy on your selling points. It’s alright to post contact information within your blog, but don’t come right out and ask for a sale. Customers who find your website should already know who you are. What you can do is talk about different products or services you do offer, tricky situations, tips, tricks or anything that may speak directly to an audience that, unlike you, may not know all the ins and outs of your business. Providing information is different than hard selling. As an added bonus we’ll even go as far as to tell you that posting once a month to once per week will be enough to keep the search engines and readers happy.

You do have to spend some time coming up with appropriate content and deciding what will be a good fit for your weekly blog posts. Never publish a blog with a “just because I need this to be done” attitude. Your feelings may show in your writing and your customers will know you aren’t being genuine. If you have any further questions about the blogging process or developing your small business internet marketing campaign, we’re here to help. Our team is dedicated to small business internet marketing, thus we have a bit of experience to help you out. Feel free to give us a call @ (405) 757-4540.

Treat- Small business internet marketing

A Treat For Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Consultations

Trick or treat? Treat! One of our main principles when focusing on small business internet marketing is that we aim to give more in value than we take in payment. After you decide to become our customer we don’t stop at putting effort into search engine optimization; making you be ranked high on Google and getting found by customers. That’s right our small business internet marketing team likes to get to know you and learn what you really need to make your office run better. Then, we’ll do everything we can to take what we learned and provide consultations about how you can grow your own business.

Whether you’re a small business owner just starting out or you’ve been in the business for a while doesn’t matter to us when it comes to small business internet marketing. You may still find that you need a little extra boost in the right direction, but what happens if you already have a marketing plan in place and it just isn’t going anywhere? Some marketing companies aren’t interested in anything that happens after their work is done, but that’s what makes us different. We do care; we want to see you be successful. This fall we’re sure you will feel like you’re too busy to have consultations about your business, but they are worth an hour here or there.

There are a few ways we can go about providing you with regular consultations. While small business internet marketing plans are always best done in person, we know that isn’t plausible for everyone. We’re happy to complete consultations via telephone. Let us get to know you and how we can get you operating more efficiently.

About Us:

Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc. focuses on small business internet marketing. We have a passion for helping small business owners get noticed and make more sales. If you’re interested in having a team dedicated to small business internet marketing, feel free to give us a call (405) 757-4540.