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Using LinkedIn: Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing: Get to networking

We talk a lot about social media being a great place to show that you’re “present,” but up until now our blog posts have mostly been about Google+, Facebook and Twitter. While talking to our customers about small business internet marketing it seems that a lot of people seem to be confused by LinkedIn and wonder what the main reason for using this social media website is about. Today, we want to talk about how using LinkedIn is also useful when small business internet marketing is involved.

The annual overview of the 2014’s statistics for LinkedIn revealed a survey study of 896 active users. The details of this survey showed that a large majority (81%) of people have the free account versus the paid account version. They also make it public for viewers. The difference between LinkedIn and the other social media websites is trending more along the idea that LinkedIn is more about networking than blasting up pages of funny or cute content for small business internet marketing.

It’s no surprise then that small business internet marketing changes a bit on this level. LinkedIn is a great way to provide viewers with a glance at your business. Not only is small business internet marketing made easier by being noticed on social media, but there are other ways LinkedIn is helping business owners. LinkedIn users, whether to enhance small business internet marketing or otherwise, are reporting that this social media site is helping them to develop their business and even helps others to find employment at their place of business. Are you ready to get LinkedIn?

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