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With Search Engine Optimization 

Has your business website been properly optimized?

In the world of SEO, Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates have broken down walls and literally re-wrote the textbooks for search engine marketing. Techniques that were considered best practices for search engine optimization only a year ago, are now obsolete. Now more than ever, having their remains on your website and in your coding can be disastrous for your business’ search engine results.  If you’re site was optimized prior to the Panda Updates in 2012, then it’s time for an SEO overhaul using local SEO techniques.

Simply put, if your business isn’t showing up on search engine result pages for relative keywords, then it’s not being seen and you’re leaving money on the table. Our internet gurus are constantly scouring the net for the latest search engine algorithms that allow us to optimize your website and its content – which act like a high-end race car. It takes constant maintenance and precision tuning of all of its parts in order to reach its maximum potential. Let our website “mechanics” go to town and we’ll drive more traffic to your site and turn that same traffic into real time.

SEO Services:

  • Our SEO staff will make sure that all strategies deployed are in concurrence with the latest search engine algorithms, such as the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird Updates. We work personally with you and your schedule to effectively market your business.
  • We work closely with your business to develop a highly relevant list of targeted keyword phrases for use in content development.
  • We’ll also install proper analytics and webmaster tools for proper data tracking and website optimization.
  • We’ll provide multiple on-site blog posts for maximum Search Engine Optimization.
  • Our team will create content specifically for the purpose of SEO and your business.
  • We’ll work closely with you to create and develop a video SEO campaign.
  • Press Releases tailored to create SEO back-link generators.

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